That thing you’ve never been waiting for is finally coming

Yes, the things you expect least always come when you least expect them.

“I wonder when the new Brian Hobbs album is going to drop?” said no one ever. Yet, despite the total lack of interest, events like this still happen. It’s quite amazing when you think of it; possibly the biggest non-event of a lifetime. I would dare equate it to a total eclipse of the sun; you maybe see that twice in your lifetime, and you go outside to watch it get dark for about 30 minutes in the middle of the day and then everything is back to normal again. So it’s actually a compressed version of day turning into night and back to day again, which is something none of us are probably amazed about anymore. Whatever… it’s here and it’s done and it is the poster child of that most overused cliche, “it is what it is”.

The album is called “Genesis of Who I Am” and it has now been released to all the usual digital outlets.  As the title implies, it’s a journey through my life with songs about family, memories, relationships, and desires. It’s my debut vocal album, which is extremely scary and caused many sleepless nights, but like anything, you get used to it and realize it will be a source of amusement to future generations of your family and probably be attached as a sound file in when some future relative discovers “Great Grandaddy Hobbs was a songwriter”…or not.

OK, enough self-deprecation… actually I’m very proud of the album and I hope you will take the time to listen.

Please go visit my Fanpage for more information, or come back and visit this site.

I also hope you’ll check out the rest of my new website. It’s got information about my earlier instrumental albums, some thoughts and musings, and a ton of life-changing wisdom and wit.

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