A few words about “Genesis of Who I Am”


A very nice blurb/review about GENESIS OF WHO I AM from songwriter/producer Leif Larsson, whom I have a great deal of respect for; so these words, coming from him, mean quite a lot!

“I’ve known that Brian Hobbs is a talented lyricist/songwriter for some time now. We have written songs together for various artists over the years, for example, Björn Skifs, and most recently for my own project, Lost van Goghs.

With the album, GENESIS OF WHO I AM, Brian shows that he is also a fantastic singer and pianist; quite simply a world-class singer-songwriter!

In the 8 songs on the album Brian gives insight into the hard lives of his grandparents and parents, he has an elegant conversation with Greta Garbo, reminisces about growing up in North Carolina and also talks about a rather strong dislike for canned biscuits!

Musically, the album is somewhat minimalistic and subdued but always filled with energy. Fantastic, emotional backing vocals, suggestive guitar lines ,and an awesome clarinet solo are details that enhance everything without taking over.

The album reflects my perception of Brian as a person: sensitive, musical, intelligent, eloquent and someone with a great sense of humor.”

Leif Larsson


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