New music coming

I just wanted to let everyone know that new music is on the way! The first project out will be a follow-up to my 2003 album, Impressions of the Outer Banks, appropriately titled, Impressions of the Outer Banks II.

Due to health reasons I’m not really up to recording anything new, but I have looked around and found tracks that have never seen the light of day, including some orchestral sketches I’ve done over the years. I was unable to afford a real orchestra so the instruments are samples. You see, my pride and fear levels have dropped significantly. I mean what’s someone gonna do… give me cancer??? Gallows humor, I know, but I love this music and want to share it with all of you. It will only be released digitally and I’ll keep you updated.

I hope to have a little audio teaser to put out within week or so. Here is the track list just to give you an idea of the direction:

Coquina Beach


Sentinels of the Coast

Ghost Ship

Queen Anne’s Revenge

Breezin’ on a Rainy Day

Once again, thanks for reading my posts. I don’t want to wear everyone out with the C word so I just wanted to let you know I’m working hard to try to put together new music for you. As usual, it will be available at, iTunes, Spotify and most other digital streaming sites. Best, B.

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