Finding a way-good news

Sometimes things we want or need seem impossible, but other times a way is found, a door opens that you never knew existed. Call it faith, synchronicity, answered prayers, whatever. Today my liver and blood values had improved to  3.0 from 4.2 and and 95. from around 83.

Small miracles, but miracles still the same. I’m glad, I’m thankful to God, I’m alive and kicking.

I know many prayers have been offered on my behalf and I just wanted to let you all know that it does work and I am forever grateful. Please keep them coming!

With love to all my divine sparks, B.

18 thoughts on “Finding a way-good news

  1. Great news Brian! So glad the Big Guy upstairs isn’t ready for you yet, plus I hear he needs a harp player which I don’t think is in your bag of tricks! 😝 Love you!!!

  2. We have prayed every day for you, very specific prayers for your health and for very good memories of a very good friend !

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