It all started with an egg

Two weeks ago, I wanted to die. I literally prayed for death. I met with my wife and children and asked them permission to let go and then said my goodbyes. But I didn’t die. Luckily my prayer was not answered. And that weekend I lay in bed listening to my wife and children playing games and talking and laughing. I suddenly realized I didn’t want to leave these people that I loved so much.

The whole dive had started because I was supposed to have an x-ray that week so we could see the size of the tumor. My oncologist cancelled it with the excuse of “what’s the use?” I’m supposedly terminal and this was a confirmation. And as I lay in bed I realized, this woman doesn’t know, she hasn’t seen me in a month and no new x-rays have been taken since August. Plus she doesn’t realize the power of prayer and all my divine sparks.

In the last two week my appetite has come back. I have probably gained a kilo and my liver value has improved to within 1 percentage point of normal.

The real change started on a Monday night. My entire family had gone to see my son perform in a play. My brother in law stayed with me. He was going to help with dinner, but his culinary skills are not the best so I got out of bed and fixed myself eggs and toast. I couldn’t sleep so ended up sitting up for 3 hours that night. After that everything changed. I started to live again.

I thank God and all of you for that miracle. All I know is new paths are opening and I am positive and believe. My wife is a rock and supports me endlessly. We are working hard and with your continued prayers another miracle might occur.

Just wanted to share this and thank you! Love, Brian

19 thoughts on “It all started with an egg

  1. My tears are flowing with happiness for you my dear friend ! Continued prayers for staying strong in your path ! Lots of love and enjoy your holidays with those you love ! Gonna make some eggs and toast now too 🙂

  2. Anyone of us who has been diagnosed with cancer has felt like you did at some point along their path. Life is a gift that most people take for granted. We have another chance to live it with gratitude. Many blessings to you and your family and MUCH MUCH l♡ve…..

  3. We never know the day or the hour, but surely you have been given the gift of additional time to complete your work on earth. And your work brings joy to those who listen. Celebrate every moment. God Bless!

  4. JOY ✨🙏🏻 JOY!! ❣️JOY 😇❤

    Eat more eggs!! 😁

    Celebrating with you and your family in my heart!

    Keep going …. baby steps❣️🦋🌹


  5. Divine sparks sure are praying for you! Thanks for sharing this awesome news and may miracles never cease! Merry Christmas to you and your family 😘🙏☮️

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