The power of divine sparks

I feel blessed, which is a word that is much overused. The people praying for me, thinking of me and sending over strength and love are a big part of the recovery/healing process. It gives me the will to keep going, to have patience and to let things work in their own time. Sometimes it’s hard to wait when you want recovery so badly, but your comments, Facebook likes, calls, messages and everything else give me peace and strength to keep on going.

It’s one day at a time, but when you think about it, that’s all we have; one day at a time, one minute, the very moment we live in is all we have.

My wife and I talked today about how everything negative evolves from fear. So why fear anything? Death is facing all of us so say hello to it, move on and live your life! It’s easier than you think.

Please keep me in your prayers, anoint me with your comments and love and love one another and try to find your purpose. I am forever grateful. Love, B.

7 thoughts on “The power of divine sparks

  1. Brian,
    You talk about all the support that those who love you have given, but I hope you realize your words support us and give us hope every day. You truly are an amazing man. I believe you have so much more to do in this life and I believe you will. Thank you so much!!! Love and prayers!

  2. You are so right that we all live one day, one moment, at a time. How wonderful that you have both the time and the will to do so! Praying healing for your body and blessing for your inspiring spirit! Be blessed today, Brian. . .moment by moment. 😊

  3. Thanks, Brian! Great to hear from you; fear not indeed…embrace each moment and keep those random thoughts flowing!

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