There is something visceral about writing with a pen; the feel of the tip on the paper, holding the pen and moving it across the page. It’s double work with the blog, but sometime I like doing it.

The same can be said of healing/recovery. By that I mean that if we savor everything associated with it; eating good, nutritional food, a little exercise, keeping the mind busy, meditation or prayer, etc., we feel the process. WE can’t sit around waiting for God to do his work. WE have to “do”. If things are bad for us then we have to make a change and stop. WE have to help God help us.

“Doing” is something visceral. We feel it. For someone like me, who is supposedly terminal, it passes the time of day, it gives you hope. You do what you can. Each thing we do today affects how we feel tomorrow. We have to move across the page of our lives just like a pen, otherwise we are not existing, not really living. Do what you can do no matter how small, live, don’t exist. Remember, purpose is everything. If you need help, write me at and I’ll try to guide you. That is my God given purpose. I am not fully recovered yet but I’ll do what I can.

I love you all. Please keep visiting, reading, and sharing your comments.



7 thoughts on “Visceral

  1. I like that word “visceral.” It identifies the missing link for many of us in recovery. I “lived” in my head for much of my life, and spent years trying to squelch any kind of feeling.

    My recovery program is also one of actions, and I am slowly but surely learning that I cannot think my way to serenity/peace or “figure it out.” It is action that makes me feel better.

    Your words and music touch so many. What a legacy you will leave. Much love my friend.

  2. Thank you for teaching us life’s lessons. Your ideas help us all on this journey. Continue to grow and thrive, my friend.

  3. Thanks, Brian! I am sitting here missing my mother who passed away a few months ago, and not finding much joy in the approaching holiday…your random thoughts help to put things in perspective. Keep on sharing your thoughts to your divine sparks. They mean more than you know!

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