Just one problem

I have managed to whittle down all my life’s problems to one It didn’t happen by choice, it was imposed on me; I have liver cancer. All the other things I used to worry about seem pretty insignificant; prestige, money, clothes, pension, work, fame, recognition.

OK, the money thing is always there, but as long as my wife and kids are OK and we can hold onto the house it’s good.

I never thought in terms of good days or bad days before, they were just ever moving channels carrying me from one place to the next. Now I see things; sun and shadows, blue skies, rain on a window, the change of seasons. My senses are alive again. Love has gone from being abstract to tangible.

Granted, the one problem I have is major and it’s big and ugly and I wrestle with it daily. All I know is the beast feels all the love being sent my way and hopefully that is weakening him. Wishful thinking, Pollyanna dreamer? Maybe, but today is a good day. I’m going to take a walk and I’m alive to fight another day… and yeah, I still only have one problem.


10 thoughts on “Just one problem

  1. I adore that you have been so forthright and steadfast in your fight, but especially your outlook on your life and your poignant words about cancer. Thinking of you and your family daily … and I am praying this will make many of us stop and notice some of the many beautys in life that we pass by. You are seeing them and we will too – mountains, puffy clouds, sunshine, family time and even a smile from a stranger. Sending love from me and Scott! ❤️

  2. You are such an amazing person Brian. Still praying for you. I hope you don’t mind but I also put your name on my church pray list. Stay strong.

  3. Count the good days. . .try to look for at least small bits of good on the bad days. . .and, pretty soon, you have a good life. Praying LOTS of good days for you and your family, Brian!

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