Christmas is coming

I feel so lucky today because I have both my boys home. They’re decorating the tree and fixing things for the holidays, it’s wonderful to have them here.

As I watch them decorate the tree I’m reminded of many Christmases when I was young. My father would take us driving around to look at all the Christmas lights in town. Most of the Christmas decorations were extremely gaudy, but as a child I was enamored with the whole thing. We would stop by my grandmother’s house where we loaded up on Coca-Cola, Hershey’s kisses, and fruit cake for my dad.

I remember looking under the tree at all the beautifully wrapped packages and hoping with all my heart that there was something in there for me. It was all I could do not to touch them.

I’m also happy to be here, just to be here. Almost 3 weeks ago I was on my deathbed, I was ready to die. But somehow I came back through God’s love, and through the love of my family I was drawn out of the depths and brought back to life and things have been improving ever since. I’m still quite weak and it takes all my strength to do these blogs and just to get through the simple everyday things I have to do. The will to live is a wonderful thing. Love is what saved me. No other medicine comes close to it

Here is a nice song for you for 3rd Advent. It’s sung by Johan Becker and we also wrote it together. Hope you enjoy it!


Love, Brian


One thought on “Christmas is coming

  1. Beautiful song and words. Thanks for continuing to share your thoughts as you go thru this journey. Prayers for strength and healing. Merry Christmas.

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