Truly random thoughts

Today I’m tired. Yesterday was a good day and I probably overdid it. My mantra is that I’m already healed and that this is the recovery. It’s hard but life is worth it and I’m blessed to be here for another day. I’m sorry my writing is not so eloquent anymore. I mostly use a dictating program to write these blogs so the sentences tend to be shorter. I take indoor walks because I can’t really get out. I also got an exercise bike today that we have to put together so I hope we can manage that, then I can hopefully strengthen my legs. Other than that I’m sitting up more. I don’t to go to bed during the day, I don’t lie down, which is good, so I consider all and all things are improving.

I feel so thankful for everything because honestly, I never imagined that I would still be here on December 18. It’s less than 10 days until Christmas Eve and I’m looking forward to having all my family at home and getting together with relatives for some excellent Swedish Christmas food. My sister-in-law makes something called Jansson’s temptation which is delicious.  I’m really looking forward to that.

As you can see my life is made up of small moments and in small hopes, but this is what keeps me going during the day. My next goal is to make it into 2018. I really never believed one or two months ago that I would make it that far but now I have hope.

As I guess many of you have noticed there’s been a change in my life during this ordeal. The most important thing is that I have regained my faith and renewed my spirituality. I don’t wear my beliefs or religion on my sleeve and I think that a man should be judged by his actions rather than his beliefs. As I’ve written before I know I have a purpose in this life and I pray that God will allow me to fulfill that purpose. It makes me feel very good when I can fulfill my purpose even now, and I hear that people are inspired by things I write. I’m still amazed by the outpouring of love from all of you. It brings me both joy and humbles me.

I’ll continue rambling for a while if you let me. I do believe in miracles and I am expecting one with my situation. I ask for your continued prayers and that you keep me in your thoughts. You are a true blessing and I love you all.

The world is strange, it’s strange that I still have this incredible desire to express myself. I know I’m rambling again but, these are random thoughts.

I am at peace. And this peace gives me something to live for, something to work towards, and a real goal for fulfilling my purpose, which right now is the most important thing in the world for me.

It’s a time of love and miracles right now so I hope we can all remember to celebrate the season and celebrate the reason. For me, there is no Christmas stress. There are no gifts to buy because of money constraints in our house right now. That’s actually quite refreshing. We just plan on enjoyed being with each other, eating good food and celebrating the season and the way it was meant to be celebrated as the season of love and miracles.

I can probably keep talking for a long time but I better end this thing I love you all and I continue to ask for your prayers and I thank you for everything you’ve given me, all the love you’ve sent me. I will probably be posting more as we get close to the holidays and possibly presenting one or two of my stories which I hope you will like. If you like the stories I hope you’ll consider donating to my Go Fund me account which is now underway. As you may have read earlier we have unexpected medical expenses and need help in covering these. Thank you for whatever you can give. Your donations are much appreciated it will be used for a good cause. Merry Christmas for now and love to you all.


7 thoughts on “Truly random thoughts

  1. Your posts always warm my soul. But today it has a special impact. Tomorrow I go in for my first radiation treatment. After 2.5 years remission, my cancer is back. Tests show still localized so no chemo. Your experience has helped me more than you know. My sponsor is always so positive too. But the fear is an easy place to go. I try hard not to go there through service to others. Keeps my mind OFF of myself.
    Thanks for the warm fuzzies today. Much love.

  2. Darling!
    I’ll see you on Boxing Day (only UK?) and it will be one of the most cherished moments of this Christmas. I will bring some goodies from my Spanish paradise.
    Only a week away. Yay!

  3. Biking for strong legs – great idea! Walking also a good idea. Rambling is an excellent idea – best conclusions happen that way. We’re listening and cheering you ever day and every step of the way. Enjoy this special holiday and all the regularities of daily life that we take for granted – except when we see them through your eyes. Thanks for your perspective.

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