Thanks! and a quick update

Once again I want to thank everyone who has contributed to my GOFUNDME account. We have raised over 6,000 dollars!!!!! Thank you and bless everyone who has been so generous.

I have started exercising  more to try to strengthen my body. It’s tough and after my 15 minutes I’m very tired, so I don’t do much else. But like Fia says, sometimes you get to play the C-card as an excuse.

I’m amazed how much my body has changed. I actually tried to play the piano for the first time in 5 months. Not good… I will have to relearn all the muscle movements, plus I never imagined my fingers would become so weak. Other than that my appetite is good, I do what I can do and I am getting bored, which Fia says is a good sign. Speaking of Fia, she is still my angel, sacrificing her own work to take care of me. I’m truly fortunate and blessed.

I know it’s a busy time of year but please let me hear from you. It brings me joy and hope and I still need my divine sparks to keep me in thoughts and prayers.

I’m sure I’ll be writing over the holidays so we’ll speak soon. Love to all! Brian

10 thoughts on “Thanks! and a quick update

  1. This is truly our Christmas miracle. It’s wonderful that you are doing these things again. You remain in our thoughts and prayers. Love to you and your family.

  2. Sending loving thoughts your way Brian!

    Baby steps all the way u till you can roll over and crawl… walk… run…. ❤🙏🏻

    Bless Fia for her knowledge and dedication 🦋🌸❣️

  3. WOW!! Brian! it makes me so happy to hear your getting stronger!! <3<3<3 U're in my thoughts <3<3<3 Give my best to Fia and the rest of the fam <3<3

  4. I speak of friends often with God … I have 4 friends from my youth on my church’s prayer list … all of whom are fighting the dreaded “C” in some form … I love it when I hear of what God’s power is doing in their lives … I believe wholeheartedly in the power of prayer and in God’s ability to give us what we need … know this my friend, my love for you is beyond measure …. be strong and trust that God’s plan for you is truly special.

  5. Hi Brian, Happy Holidays to you! I’m glad to hear you’re exercising. I know it must be very hard but keep it up anyway. No pain no gain, right? All the best, Tom

  6. Brian, your divine sparks truly LOVE your random thoughts! Keep them coming…keeping the prayers flowing…fight the good fight, and keep getting stronger! Dear God, we praise You from whom all blessings flow; please bless Brian with strength and healing! Amen

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