A Christmas prayer

Dear God,

I thank you for letting me be alive today, for all the small things I can do. I thank you for your healing and now I ask that you carry me through my recovery.

I thank you for all the divine sparks you’ve given me and for the prayers and thoughts and the generosity and people. I thank you for taking away my fear of death, and for giving me hope.

I thank you for changing me and defining my purpose. I pray you will let me fulfill that purpose.

I thank you for my wife and children, friends and relatives and others who have come into my life. I thank you for my students who have shown so much love.

I thank you for Christmas and all it means. I never expected to be alive or even be here to see this day much less for Christmas.

I especially thank you for my two sons who’ve been a great inspiration to me and been a great help as well. Without them, I seriously doubt I would be here today.

I am so thankful for so many things, but these are some of the more specific things I wanted to thank you for. Thank you for the tender mercies of generous people, they have given so much and give me so much hope.

I guess most of all I thank you for giving me back my faith, something that I had let slide many many years ago. And now I pray for peace, love and understanding in this world, something we desperately need. I also pray that you let me be a part of achieving that goal.

Thank you for everything God and please send your love to all my divine sparks.

11 thoughts on “A Christmas prayer

  1. The power of your faith is only outmatched by the power of all our faith as a group of family … the family of God … my prayer for you is that God grant you a series of one more day … each day to be a little better than the previous one … all my love to you and yours … Merry Christmas and here’s to a wonderful recovery.

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