When the tree is green again

There’s a tree outside the room where my wife gives me hyperthermia treatments. It has become a metaphor for my tumor. Right now it is cold and ugly, with scraggly limbs and branches like claws. This is my tumor, trying to hold on, grasping at me claw like. But in a few months this tree will be green, soft and lush. Today I decided that I will see this tree green again. It will have released its grasp and become another part of me.

Life changes and I have to hold on until the claws let go and the warmth comes again.

God is good. I have my dark moments when the claws reach out, but overall I’m positive, and just as spring is a miracle, I  expect my recovery to be the same.

Please send strength and prayers. Love to all! Merry Christmas.


11 thoughts on “When the tree is green again

  1. Remember how far you’ve come, not just how far you have to go. You may not be where you want to be, but neither are you where you used to be.
    Onwards and upwards my friend ☝️

  2. Sending you much love and strength and a whole bunch of prayers my friend,God bless you and may you have the Merriest Christmas ever !!

  3. Close your eyes and envision the warmth… your body doesn’t know it isn’t true. If you see it in your mind.. your body sees it as your mind does. The warmth.. the green… the LIFE… surging up from your toes and through your whole body. Your cells dividing and creating new life.. over and over again. The grey claws… they shrivel up and die and fade away…..

    Love to you Brian! Prayer is powerful.


  4. In Honor of Brian and inspired by this blog …

    The reach of darkness tightly holds
    For it’s own delight and victory dance

    The pain and fear rapidly unfold
    And the hope of survival seems an unlikely chance

    Disease laughs at our wavering hope
    And tries to still our joy away

    But deep in our soul we learn to cope
    As God promises the night will turn to day

    So ragged branches with claws so cold
    Reach way out high unto the north

    The lush arrival of green is coming
    And will remind us of our worth

    Yes, the night is dark and the fear exist
    But neither have the final say

    The Light of life will insist
    That joy and Peace will make their way!

  5. Vintersolståndet har varit så nu blir det bara ljusare o ljusare o snart får vi se de gröna träden igen , hoppas vi kan njuta tillsammans . Vi tänker på dig varje dag , ses om 2dagar kram kram

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