Prayer does change things

Yesterday I watched a very interesting DVD that scientifically proved that we are all connected and that our beliefs and feelings actually change things in our world. That pretty much translates into prayer changes things. I knew that but it’s interesting to get a scientific take on things. Since I regained my faith I have known that all these divine sparks are real and important. That is why I appreciate each and every one of you. I started my recovery exactly one month ago today. I truly believe and feel that God has healed me and am only waiting for the tumor to disappear. I know that this feeling is due to all the prayers from all of you. I ask that you continue to keep me in your thoughts and keep anointing me with your prayers. I have been called to a new purpose that I will talk about later. I will say that it involves purpose and healing. I hope I get to share with you. Much love to all! Remember, there is love and fear. Choosing love is choosing life. Fear is the path to despair.

4 thoughts on “Prayer does change things

  1. Brian, I just want you to know that you, yes you, have stated three truths that I knew already … prayer is powerful, faith is power and we all have a purpose in life. Sometimes the purpose we think is ours, is only a step in the direction of our true life purpose. Simply put, our purpose is what makes us special in the eyes of God. Your path to your purpose has included many side roads … music in various forms (writing, playing and teaching) … your blog … your family and friends … all are a major part of your story and your recovery. Keep on keeping on my friend.

  2. I hope you know that by sharing here, you are also helping others find their true path as well. Thank you! Sending sparks your way Brian

  3. Hallo Brian, from a narrow distance I have followed Your thoughts. I shall confesse that even I have prayed for You. Quite spectacular experience since I am an atheist. Nevertheless…if prayers seems to help You to recover who am I to be a denyer (a bad rhyme there). So count me in ..I will do it again. And best whishes for Your and Your familys New Year! (And please forgive me for my bad English). / Marianne the neighbour

  4. Om vi skulle tänka lite mer på varandra och inte smutskasta alla som inte tycker som jag , så skulle vi Kunna hjälpas åt att få en tryggare och trevligare o fredlig värld och må mycket bättre men vi måste börja i vår närhet först . Att finnas till. Kram kram

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