Happy New Year!

I am sitting here with my family listening to music while they cook dinner. Cancer fatigue wears me down but I am grateful to be here. 2017 has been the year from hell for me, but I’m alive, I still have a chance and much to be thankful for. There is always the dichotomy, the bad with the good. I never imagined myself in this situation, but I am a changed man. I have regained my faith, been given so much love and had my purpose defined. I have said goodbye to my fear of death and have chosen life. I struggle, but I’m still here to continue recovery and live up to becoming cancer-free in 2018. I have so many people who love me and care. I am truly blessed. Thank you all for your support over these last months. I know I would not be here without you.

I wish everyone a great year and send you all my love. In Sweden, please remember to be kind to the animals that suffer so much from the fireworks. Let the fireworks come from inside you and send love out instead of noise. Love to all and Happy New Year!





9 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Happy New Year to you and your family. Continue with your positive outlook to make 2018 a great year! We’re all with you and love you.

  2. May 2018 be the best year ever. I know-with all the love and support that surrounds you—it will be a good year. Hang in there. You have come a long ways. Keep that great attitude and believe. You are surrounded by love on both sides of the pond. Thanks and love to Fia and the guys for all the do and have done. Happy 2018.

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