First random thoughts of the year

Yesterday I broke down and cried, first for myself and my situation…but then the tears came from gratitude; for still being alive, for my boys spending New Year’s Eve with me, for my wife, my family, all the divine sparks praying for me and keeping me in their thoughts, for all the love. It is so easy to get caught up in the day to day struggle and forget the good things. I have a new motto to add to my others: cancer-clean in 2018! With your prayers and love I know it will happen. I have a purpose and a reason to live so I choose life, I choose love.

A little over a month ago I was dying. I never thought I’d see 2018. But here I am. I’m hoping to start my treatment the last week of this month and am hoping it gives results.

Please continue to pray for me, comment and send your support. It means so much for me.

Happy New Year and love to you all!


14 thoughts on “First random thoughts of the year

  1. Det är fantastiskt att människor runt omkring kan ge omtanke o energi så att du fortsätter kampen vi tror på dig du är en kämpe . Att få vara med om ytterligare ett nytt år är inte alla förunnat men nu har vi 2018 och vi får leva vidare dag för dag Ta vara på varje dag kram kram

  2. Don’t ever give up! You mean a lot to many people and have touch our hearts for the better. Life can take you on a path that you don’t understand. But our lives make us who we are. Love you Brian. 💕

  3. Prayers are being sent up every day for you. It’s ok to let those tears flow from time to time. I think it helps let the negativity out so the positive can flow in. God is with you. Praying for full healing, peace in your life, and joy each day!

  4. HaPpy New Year, Brian! This divine spark is praying for you and praying that you will be blessed with renewed health and well-being and will be sharIng your awesome random thoughts into 2019 and beyond! 💕 Good luck with your upcoming treatment… stay strong!

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