Boredom and recovery

The boredom has set in of just waiting for recovery. Since June I have put out 4 albums, 1 single and a book. It was all bucket list stuff. I have started on a book about my experiences with cancer and my healing and recovery. Yes, I believe I’m healed. God has done that, and I truly believe. It is not apparent yet but through all the love it will become so. The recovery is taking time. That’s what my faith tells me.

I feel compelled to share my story and have a purpose to help others find their purpose. Patience has never been one of my virtues, so maybe this is another of my lessons. I have already regained my faith and learned to let love decide.

I pray for recovery and my greatest desire is to serve others in the future. I feel I have a lot to give. My flesh is weak but I feel my spirit growing stronger and I have to express that by pecking out this blog one finger style.

Please continue to pray that I will find the strength to continue on my journey and hopefully help someone along the way. Let me say I certainly don’t have it all figured out but I sincerely hope someone is comforted or inspired by my words and thoughts. Thanks again for reading and responding. It means the world to have these connections with my divine sparks. Let love guide you!


6 thoughts on “Boredom and recovery

  1. You can call on any of us at any time, Brian. And is was so good to connect recently. Wish you continued strength in your recovery.

  2. Love your writings. Lots of prayers are going up for you.

    Love you Brian. We are praying for a complete healing. Can hardly wait until you can come home and share with us your wonderful experience. Keep the faith and be encouraged.

  3. 4 albums, a single and a book… you put most people to shame even under the circumstances brother! Keep up your amazing fight, Brian! Godspeed

  4. Hi Brian. Just keep on writing it means a LOT to me. We are all going through hard times sometimes in our lives. Some of us as we are kids growing up and some of us when we are grown up. We all have lessons to learn whenever hard times gets by. Some of us will take this for real and learn our liflessons and some wont. Keep on the good GOD work. See you on a fika in the spring when the sun is shining again. ❤️

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