The room and healing

I wasn’t going to write today but felt compelled to. I wanted to talk about the treatment room where my wife and I go for her treatment one hour a day. It’s a safe room, meaning that I can cry, express what I’m feeling and be free without worrying about looking weak or seeming like I’m complaining. Plus, she and I talk and she gives me comfort.

Everyone suffering from cancer needs this, a personal place to lay things out. This is one of the most important hours of my day. I get in touch with God in this room, or at least feel much closer.

In following my purpose, I also wanted to remind all that healing comes from inside. We sometimes forget and expect God to do all the work. He has the power but we have to take the initiative, whether physical or emotional healing. Prayer changes things, but so do we. Make changes in your life, follow HIS plan not yours. I am still struggling with this so I speak from experience.

I don’t have the answers, but I’m learning patience, love, trust and faith every day. Once again, it’s the journey. Please pray for me as I continue on mine.

Love, Brian

7 thoughts on “The room and healing

  1. Your “treatment room” sounds more like a “healing room”…. a sacred place you have mutually set aside to allow for uncommon communication and love to flow and be present. You are very fortunate to have each other, and the truest test of unconditional love is exactly what Fia shows for you every day… (not only in words, but in SERVICE) and I am sure you would have done the same if the tables were turned. The fact that you have each other to TALK to, to bare your deepest fears and hopes, and still feel loved and accepted as you explore this (most difficult and painful) part of your journey together, is a testimony of LOVE in and of itself. Just knowing that your partner will not abandon you because things got rough… says more than any words can express about the meaning of real love and commitment. You are blessed to be in each others company every minute of every day. We abuse the word love in so many ways- but you two are a living example of what the word (in action) really stands for. I don’t mean that it is easy.. or comfortable… but is is comforting.. and ultimately brings a sense of security knowing that no matter what, someone supports you. We arrive into this world naked and “alone” but surrounded by those who (hopefully) love us. We will leave it naked and “alone” and once again surrounded by (hopefully) people who cared about us because we brought something beautiful into their world. Hopefully we make a mostly positive difference in people’s life experiences… but our life’s purpose is not always clear no matter how old we get or how hard we try. You two clearly make a difference in each others lives. It’s a beautiful thing to witness. Thank you for sharing this with us. The world needs it.

  2. We often don’t realize the value of our journey until we have lived long enough to look back and reflect. Your journey is priceless. Love you and praying for you and your family.

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