God is in all of us and we are all connected

God is in all of us and all of us are connected. I am reminded of this not only by my own Bible but by what my wife just read in the Tao. We are born from God and return to God.

I know all this is deep but I feel God moving through me today, not only with a healing power but with enlightenment. I hope that people won’t be turned off by all this talk about God. I am not turning into a fanatic. It’s just the easiest designation for what I feel is the divine spirit.

I have been blessed with an awakening and just want to share it. It really has more to do with purpose than religion. My purpose is to help others find their purpose, I know that now. Whether they want to learn to write songs and create or just become more aware. Each of us has a purpose. Finding out what that purpose is might take some guidance. If God allows, that is my purpose, to show others the way to their own purpose through his help.

Again, I hope this helps someone along the way to search out their purpose and find it. Life is so much more fulfilling once you have a purpose. Even with cancer I am trying to fulfill my own purpose. I am believing in a full recovery so that I can continue and hopefully help others.

Please continue to pray for me. Love,


7 thoughts on “God is in all of us and we are all connected

  1. Dear Brian,
    Your love and light are shining brightly, and I know I am thankful for all of this and you! God is working IN you and THROUGH you! Much love to you and your family…prayers flowing…keep those random thoughts flowing to us!

  2. As Tonja and Barbara said, keep your thoughts coming my friend! I want to hear/learn more.
    Take care my friend, love to you and your family!!

  3. You are an inspiration to many, my friend. Self included! Continuing to send prayers and positive vibes your way. God bless.

  4. I had missed hearing from you these past few days . I know this shows Sherry’s name , but, this is Steve. I’ve been praying for you recently and have prayed for you in the past . But these recent prayers are definitely for your healing . And you definitely are ‘right on’ with your assessment of purpose , that was the answer to my prayers of the past . For anyone seeking God’s purpose , there is a GREAT reward, and I sure enjoy how describe it so well! I miss you brother ….

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