Impressions of the Outer Banks II


This is actually an album of demos and orchestral sketches that I’ve done over the years. Everything is performed by me. I felt this more orchestral approach showed another side of me that many people are not aware of. I hope you enjoy it.

I have always had great love for this area of my home state and have always been intrigued by the history and desolate beauty there. Plus I have many fond memories of summer vacations there, playing on the beach during the day and immersing myself in the lore and stories of the Banks curled up with a book on summer nights while listening to the waves crashing and being cooled by the sea breeze. It is truly a magical place.

I want to give special thanks to my friend, Markus Sjöberg, for mastering these old tracks of mine and bringing them to life. Also, a major thank you to my friend, Mats Uneland, for doing the front cover layout. Both of these people have been beyond generous and I love them dearly. I’d also like to thank everyone for their support over the last few months as I’ve been struggling with health issues. This one is dedicated to all of you who have kept me in your thoughts and prayers. I sincerely hope the music takes you to the Outer Banks.

October 2017- Brian Hobbs

Impressions of the Outer Banks II

Cover layout: Mats Uneland

Mastering: Markus Sjöberg

All songs written, arranged, performed and recorded by Brian Hobbs

  1. Coquina Beach– Sun, salt spray, hot sand, fun and beautiful desolation.
  2. Corolla– Standing tall overlooking the majestic ocean, sound and wetlands; she perseveres in all weather, gracious red brick and black trim. Oh, the tales she could tell…
  3. Sentinels of the Coast– Beacons for ships and sailors, many of whom they have kept off the treacherous shoals. Great lanterns guiding ships through the Graveyard of the Atlantic.
  4. Ghost Ship– The Carroll A. Deering; sails set, lifeboats missing, food laid out for a meal but no crew in sight. Still one of the greatest mysteries of the Outer Banks.
  5. Queen Anne’s Revenge– Blackbeard’s flagship sits low in the water outside the inlets in search of unwary merchant ships traveling from the Indies for Spain. She comes out of the mist and gives chase. Blackbeard is standing on the deck, cannon fuses burning in his beard making him look like some demon from hell. The fear is tangible as the Revenge closes in. Blackbeard attacks swiftly and mercilessly and then escapes back into the nearby sheltering inlets.
  6. Breezin’ on a Rainy Day– Riding down the beach road, catching glimpses of the white caps rolling in. Wet sand, waiting for the sun. It doesn’t matter that it’s raining, you’re at the beach.