Reflections by Brian Hobbs

I Love This Old Town

From the musical, The Independent Man, about W.O. Saunders ,who was a liberal newspaper editor in my hometown, Elizabeth City, North Carolina in the early 1900s. Music, lyrics and book written by me. Not yet been produced but I’m hoping. The full score will be released later this year. Script available upon request for serious interest.

Just Another Another No News Day

Was written about 20 years ago by Derrik Jordan and I for the Charlotte & Dea album, Alabaster Nights, but it did not make the album. Seems as relevant today as it was then.

Lova Mig Ingenting

Is the first and only song I have done in Swedish. It means, Make me no promises. Dedicated to my lovely wife, Fia. Sung by Nina Rosendal, a former student who has an amazing voice and spirit. With amazing guitar work by Lasse Englund.

I know

Is a different side of Andreas and lyrically a renewal of my faith.


With Kindness, a song with music by Sergei Chipenko, Andreas Aleaman shows that as a singer he is in a class all by himself. Plus he is my best friend in Sweden and wonderful collaborator who I have worked with for 20 years. I love him lika a brother.

So Much Left Unsaid

One of my favourite songs. A beautiful arrangement and performance by my friend Jonas Gideon who is a fantastic songwriter in his own right.

Being There

Leif Larsson is one of the most talented songwriters I have ever worked with. He certainly shows that with this song.

Let Me Love You

Johan Becker, Leif Larsson and I wrote this song and Johan won Fame Factory with it in 2004. It was a great experience seeing him win. He is a fantastic singer and songwriter. This is a version with Mia Löfgren who was also a finalist in Fame Factory. She is one of my favourite singers and does a great job on both this one and Will You Still Be Here?

Will You Still Be Here

Sung by Mia Löfgren who does a fabulous job. Also featuring excellent guitar work by Paul Pesonen.


Written together with Robert Montgomerie and sung in her own unique style by Monica Silverstrand, Sweden’s true queen of country music. I did the album Been There Done That with her in 2005. She is also one of my best friends.

Father to a Son

Tom Levin is one of the most intelligent songwriters I have ever worked with. He has a voice that resonates in the soul. This one is dedicated to my own father and my two sons Adam and Jeremy.

Crazy Crazy People

Written with Johan Becker and Leif Larsson. Unfortunatley still as relevant as it was when it was written over 10 years ago.