Second Glances



“This album is a look back over my whole career as a songwriter. Sometimes you spend so much time trying to write for other people that the songs that are closest to your heart never get to see the light of day. With this album I’ve taken songs that I’ve written between 1977 and today and done them exactly the way I wanted to.”

The album features some of the top musicians in Sweden, most of who happen to be friends of Brian’s, along with a couple of American musicians.

“There are so many fantastic musicians here in Stockholm and over the years I’ve gotten to meet and work with quite a few. When it came time to do this album they were gracious enough to help out and their input has made all the difference. It was also a real treat to finally work with my old friend, David Albert. We’ve basically been best friends since 7th grade; we were both in the NHS band and put together a jazz band here in EC a long time ago.