A small town newspaper editor…

This is what he faced:


Racial, ethnic and religious intolerance

Women and minorities with no equal rights

Ignorance regarding birth control and abortion


This is what he did:

He fought against corrupt politicians.

In religious questions he supported true believers and attacked hypocrites and liars.

He supported equal rights and civil rights.

He fought against racism.

He believed people should be educated about birth control and abortion.

He believed in a more social, just, and tolerant society…

…and promoted this in his newspaper starting in 1908

He was sued for libel more than 50 times.

He was assaulted on the streets of his hometown and shot at by an angry mob.

He was the driving force behind the Wright Memorial at Kitty Hawk, NC.

He approached playwright, Paul Green, about writing “an American Oberammergau,” which resulted in the Symphonic Drama, The Lost Colony.

He ran headlines like this: “Wife beats ass off husband of three weeks”.

(She rescued him from a donkey)

He was a writer who had articles published in some of the most famous New York magazines of the 1920s.

He crusaded for sensible summer clothing for men by walking down Fifth Avenue and Broadway in a pair of hand-tailored pajamas in 1927.

His name?

W.O. Saunders

The Independent Man- a musical based on the life of W.O. Saunders