Writers; obsessive, compulsive, crazy, conceited

Some men love hardware stores or automotive supply stores or clothing stores… me, I love stationery stores. I love the notebooks, folders, pads, pens and assorted writing and storage accessories. I’m somewhat of a collector. I have spiral-bound notebooks, leather-bound ones, notebooks with lined pages, blank pages, blocked pages, college rule, regular rule, notebooks with subject dividers, notebooks with that piece of elastic to keep it closed, moleskin diaries, pocket-sized versions, full-size versions…you name it, I got it. Right now on my shelf I have over 25 notebooks of various sizes. Why so many? There’s no way I can fill them all up…even though I’d like to.

As a songwriter and writer my greatest fear is to get that great, life-changing idea or line or melody…. and have no way to document it! Maybe that’s conceited to value my own thoughts that much but it’s a real fear. And that’s why everywhere I go I now have at least two pens, a notebook, an iPhone and usually an iPad as well.

Does all this make me more productive? I don’t know, but I can say that many of the songs I’ve had published were written in one or more of these little books while I was walking my dog, Rusty. He’s a smart dog and wanted writing credit for those songs, and he can be quite stubborn, but we settled out of court and are still best friends.

But back to writing and all my notebooks…I love looking at what I’ve jotted down over the years; it’s like a photograph, you can literally see yourself change. And what I’ve written, whether it was music, prose, poetry or a journal, reflects who I was, who I am and who I hope to be.

Writing is always a reflection of who we are. Writing is about asking yourself questions and having to get the answers. It’s the scariest thing in the world. It’s also one of the loneliest things but I love it more than I like to admit; it’s a journey into myself where I uncover truths, concoct total lies, see the world and let the world see me.

I think I’m getting some new ideas…I better go buy another notebook… and I’ve always wanted one of those cartridge pens…and I saw this new writing app I need…